How to file a New York Attorney General Complaint

Camila Lopez - How To - August 29, 2022

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    Who is the New York Attorney General?

    The New York Attorney General is the Chief legal officer of the state of New York, and is often called the “People’s Lawyer.” As the head of the Office of the Attorney General, they oversee 650 assistant Attorney Generals and over 1,700 employees across the state.

    The office handles complaints across the state with branches across New York. The Attorney General can represent the state in court, but mostly handles complaints against businesses and individuals through its five main divisions; Criminal Justice, Social Justice, Economic Justice, Appeals and Opinions, and State Counsel.

    For the average citizen, a New York Attorney General complaint can be filed easily with the Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protections.

    Common types of New York Attorney General Complaints

    In its desire to have a fair and competitive marketplace, the New York State Attorney General receives consumer complaints under its Bureau of Consumer Frauds &  Protection.

    The Bureau of Consumer Fraud & Protection does not oversee complaints between individuals or between businesses. So if your dispute is between you and your neighbor, this wouldn’t be something they would be able to assist you with. The complaints must also be related to a business engaging in some “fraudulent, misleading, deceptive or illegal trade practices.”

    The Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection also employs an informal mediation program that attempts to solve conflicts submitted through complaints. You are not able to use the free mediation service if you have already gone to court or if you have an attorney representing you. 

    Keep in mind, that filing a false complaint may be punishable by a Class A misdemeanor to file a knowingly false complaint.

    How to File a NYS Attorney General Consumer Complaint

    If you want to file a NYS Attorney General Consumer Complaint, here is how:

    • Attorney General New York complaint number: 1-800-771-7755

    • Submitting a NYS Attorney General Consumer Complaint using their Online Form

    ‍Required information on the NY State Attorney General Complaint is sparse, just your name and the name of who you’re suing, along with a description of the complaint. But it’s worth noting that choosing to exclude any contact information means that the Office cannot contact you after you’ve submitted your complaint. 

    What to expect after you have filed a New York Attorney General complaint

    The NYS Attorney General will determine whether to investigate a company but cannot represent you in court or provide you with legal or financial advice. 

    Information from the complaint may be used in courts of law and the NYS Attorney General may contact you with a copy of your submission. Similar copies may also be sent to law enforcement if the Office decides to prosecute the business or individual. 


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